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Kimyagaran Saadat Co. prosperity for the customer, to service both before and during the sale and after-sales service with its trained and experienced specialists will follow. Services, ensuring the long-term interests of the company and the company hope alchemists bliss with a better service, with sensitivity and integrity and provide greater mastery level of customer satisfaction.

Although the service before and during the sale, marketing and sales is one of the pillars movements , so our company offers consulting and best offer takes the first step in continuing to strengthen the movement.


Sales are not the end but the beginning of a commitment.


After the sale of a device, system installation and testing process starts early. Next, learn how to operate and maintain our products to user that this phase tests the customer continues to customer satisfaction and the true test is terminated.

Kimyagaran Saadat Co. Having regard to all the principles of providing quality products offered in their , Customer satisfaction is at the top of the main targets, so t resolve potential problems , Laboratory equipment provided in accordance with the terms set forth in the warranty period is twelve months.
Consumables and spare parts supply and after sales service system will be better customer retention and long-term cooperation for the main program. Because sale has occurred once, but good after-sale service for many years that link the buyer to participate and Client is a ground for future purchases.


KIMIAGARAN welfare services include:

- Advice, offer sales and appropriate laboratory requirements
- Installation, training and commissioning of all laboratory equipment
- Warranty and Service
- Repair, maintenance and periodic servicing of all laboratory equipment
- Providing standard accessories, spare parts and consumable laboratory equipment